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Hyderabad Complex
Machine Tools Division, HMT Township P.O., Narsapur Road, Hyderabad 500 054
Telephone 91-40-2308 5721
Fax 91-40-2308 5952
Email mth@hmtmachinetools.com | mthsales@hmtmachinetools.com
Inception 1965
Managing Director -
Unit Chief Mr. S A RAJA BABU
General Technical Manager (MTH)
M: 9490794800
Telephone 91-40-2308 5943
Manager (Sales)
M : 9290083196
Telephone 91-40-2308 7079
Major Manufacturing Facilities
arrow Can handle machining and assembly of components weighing up to 50 tons
arrow EOT Crane up to 50T capacity
arrow Facilities to assemble machines up to 15M height
arrow Captive foundry of capacity 400 MT per annum
arrow Experienced in-house design team with CAD facility
arrow Pattern shop with modern facilities
arrow Online production monitoring and material management system
Collaboration / Technical Tie-ups
Machining Centers
Year Collaborator Country Product
1970-75 American Tool Works USA Machining Centres for Drilling Milling & Boring Operations
1983-91 KTM UK CNC Machining Centres
Metal Forming
Year Collaborator Country Product
1969-79 Verson USA Presses & Press Brakes – Hydraulic & Mechanical
1982-89 Verson UK Presses
1996-98 Clearing-Niagara USA Presses
Special Purpose Machines
Year Collaborator Country Product
1961-68 Renault France Special Purpose Machines
1970-77 Fritz Werner FRG Ram Bed Type Milling Machines
1971-78 Fritz Werner FRG Unit Assembled Bed Type Milling Machines
1976-79 Cross USA SPMs
1980-87 Pegard Belgium Horizontal Boring Machine
Major Projects Executed / Achieved
arrow Five-Axes Machining Centers
arrow FMS for Engine Manufacture
arrow 10-Station Transferline for Auto Sector
arrow Machining line for cylinder blocks for auto sector
arrow Wheel & Axle/Wheel Handling Project for Indian Railways
arrow First Shell Forging Line in the country
arrow Design, development, manufacture of 8000T Hydraulic Press
arrow 2000T CNC Hydraulic powder compacting press with Auto Dosing equipment
arrow 1000T CNC Hydraulic Press with vacuum pick & place type automation for handling steel plates of size 400 mm x 2000 mm
arrow Press Lines – tandem - for automobile panels forming with link motion Drive lead press
arrow Hydraulic Presses for manufacturing of shells to Ethiopia
arrow A host of special purpose machines for varied applications in the auto & auto ancillaries
arrow Refurbishing of 4x4 Shell Line & Nosing Plant, Double action Mechanical Press, Knuckle Joint Presses, etc
Awards of Excellence
1990 National Safety Award for Lowest Average Frequency of Accidents
2001 DSIR National Award for Best R & D efforts in Industry - Mechanical Engineering Sector for CNC Gantry Power Mill
2004 CMTI-PMT Trust Award for Excellence in Design at IMTEX 2004 for Die & Mould Machining Center DMC 650
Products Range
arrow Products
arrow Special Purpose Machines
arrow SPMs supplied for sectors
arrow Presses
arrow Refurbishing & Retrofitting
arrow Special Applications Components / Jigs / Fixtures
Bed Type Milling Machines
Horizontal Boring & Milling Machines / AZ 11
Boring & Milling Machines – Table Type UTA 130/160
Boring & Milling Machines – Floor Type UTX 130/160
Horizontal Machining Center HMC 800 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000
Die & Mould Machining Centers DMC 650
CNC Vertical Turning Machines 630 / 1000 / 1200 / 1400 / 1600 / 2000
Special Purpose Machines
arrow CNC 3-Axes Planomilling Machine
arrow CNC Double Column Portal Machining Center
arrow 5-Axes CNC Gantry Vertical Ram Type Plano Machining Center
arrow 5-Axes Honeycomb Milling Machine
arrow Camshaft Milling Machine
arrow Flexible Manufacturing System
arrow 10-Station Transferline
arrow CNC Floor Boring Machine
arrow Special Boring Machine for Connecting Rods
arrow One Way Line Boring Machine
arrow CNC Semi Finish and Finish Line Boring Machine
arrow Moving Column Ram Type Milling & Boring Machine with 5 Axes CNC System
arrow 6-Axes CNC High Speed Routing & Drilling Machine
arrow 7-Axes Universal Travelling Column Drilling, Boring & Milling Machine
arrow 2-Way, 2-Station Ejector Drilling Machine
arrow CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine
arrow Rotary Indexing Machines (Dial Machines)
arrow 16-Axes CNC End Milling, Centering & Cup Turning Machine
arrow CNC Tube Chamfering Machine
arrow 6-Axes Mechanical Manipulator
arrow Filament Winding Machine
arrow Horizontal & Vertical Coil Winding Machines
arrow Multispindle SPMs
arrow Machining Units
arrow Horizontal Boring Machines
SPMs supplied for sectors
Auto & Auto Ancy Power Space & Aerospace General Engineering
Agriculture Railways Others  
Presses – Mechanical Gap Frame Mechanical Presses H-Frame (Unitised Frame) Mechanical Presses
Mechanical Extrusion Presses, Tandem Press Lines, Link Motion Press  
Presses – Hydraulic(Double action / single action) H1S/H2S/H3S/H4S  
Press Brakes – Hydraulic (conventional / CNC)
Press Brakes – Mechanical
Shears HS4/HS6/HS8/HS10/HS13/HS16/HS20
Refurbishing & Retrofitting
arrow Deck Milling Machine
arrow Truck Frame Milling Machine
arrow Crank & Cam Boring Machine
arrow Two way Angular Boring Machine
arrow Mechanical Knuckle Joint Press
arrow Mechanical & Hydraulic Presses
Special Application Components/Jigs/Fixtures
Railways Roof Shielding Plugs Crank cases for Locomotives
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