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Precision Ballscrews

HMT , a pioneer in the field of machine tools with more than 50 years of expertise, also manufactures High Precision Recirculating Ball Screws of various sizes to meet Customers requirements.
Recirculating ball screws have to be converted into rotary motions or vice versa.
Ball screws have a high mechanical efficiency, superior positioning accuracy coupled with low wear and long life, and are widely used in various industrial machines & equipments, especially in numerical controlled machines as mechanical feed elements.

Salient Features :
» Higher Efficiency:
Since sliding friction is replaced by rolling friction, efficiency is greater than 90% and the driving torque is less than onethird of that of conventional screws.
» Lesser Heat Generation:
Even high load causes minimun heating up which means an improvement of positioning accuracy.
» No Stick-slip:
Substituting a rolling contact for the sliding metal to-metal contact minimizes starting friction and eliminates the stick-slip tendency when a slow , linear motion is required in machine tool slide applications thus resulting in a tremendous increase in tool life.
» Higher Service Life:
Due to the rolling of balls in hardened grooves very little wear occurs over the life of Ball Screws.
» High Precision & Rellability:
All HMT Precision Ball Screws are ground and assembled and inspected under a strict process and temperature control.
» Precise Positioning:
High Positioning accuracy is possible even at low speeds .Maximum Axial Stiffness, Ball Screws can easily be adjusted backlash-free and pre-loaded for increasing the axial stiffness, response and repeatability of positioning.
» High Power Transmission:
Transmission of greater forces of maximum driving power with low loss at minimum mounting dimensions.

MANUFACTURING RANGE: The manufacturing range covers Precision ground Ballscrews in the standard range of diameters 16-80 mm with standard leads of 3, 4, 5, 5.08, 6, 6.35, 8, 10, 12, 12.7,16, 19, and 20 mm. Maximum length offered offered up to 3500mm depending on size. Number of turns in nuts : 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 depending on size.
PATENT DESIGN : HMT has also devloped in-house patent design ball screw having unique stainless steel double start self-locking and self-aligning yoke that is superior to existing conventional tube re-circulating type.

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